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Environmental Policy

Policy on Safety, Health And Environment (SHE)

Policy Statement:

ARM is committed to providing a safe and a healthy workplace for all of its employees and business partners who are visiting our premises in connection with operations. It is the policy of the Company to carry on its business activities in a manner consistent with sound health, safety, and environmental management principles and practices and to comply with the relevant provisions of the laws relating to health, safety and environment of the countries where it operates.
Further, the company is also committed to minimising the impact of our operations and products on environment through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.


The Policy has been designed with a view to achieve the following broad objectives:

Process for implementation of SHE Policy

Procedures for implementation of the Policy

Review of The SHE Policy

The SHE Committee shall review the Policy at least once in a year and recommend the changes to be incorporated in the policy to meet the above objectives of the policy and comply with relevant provisions of the Laws and regulations relating to Health, Safety, and Environment. However, all such changes shall be implemented with the approval of the Managing Director.

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